About Dexter

Detxer Radley - circa 1988

Detxer Radley - circa 1988

Many years and several hundred weight ago Dave Stewart was a wannabe rock star. Severely hampered by a complete and utter lack of talent he found immense pleasure from writing his own songs and recording them on an old Revox reel to reel 4 track tape recorder.

The tape recorder allowed him to make as many mistakes as possible and fix them by making as many takes as was needed to get through a 2 minute song without mistakes.

The reel to reel tape recorder earned the nick name ‘Dexter’, named after the cartoon character Poindexter, from the TV show Felix The Cat. Poindexter was regarded by friends and foes as ‘the brainiest kid in the world’.

Stewart had a plan that one day he could actually perform a set of his songs using ‘Dexter’ as a back up band and thus ‘The Dexter Radley Set’ became the band name.

Stewart eventually set up his own home studio (see The Lost Note Studio ) in 1988 and recorded a number of original songs and a few covers. He took his cassette along to a few radio stations and late one night the song Tradition was played on bFM.

After this astounding achievement Stewart rested on his laurels for 20 years and was soon approaching 50 years of age.

With the disposable income that one seems to find when your kids grow up and leave home he has updated his home studio (see The Los Note Studio ) and has re-mastered his old songs and recorded a few more.

The songs were performed by Stewart to CD backing tracks live at his Waikaretu farm on November 4th 2006.