The Lost Note Studio

My original home studio based around a Fostex x26 4 track cassette recorder. I added a Sansamp Original, an Axia studio compressor and an Alesis Midiverb 111. Everything was recorded through the Samsamp and compressor. If I ran out of tracks I dubbed a stereo mix down to a Sony HiFi VHS and dubbed that mix back onto the Fostex.

Heaps of other effects were added to the Lost Note Studio, mostly old school stomp boxes like the Ibanez Analog Delay, Boss DS-1 etc.

Midi recording was all done though an Alesis MMT8 Sequencer. Keyboards were covered with a Kawai PH50, drum machine was the classic Kawai RD100.

Microphones were a Shure SM58 and a couple of Audio Technica dynamic mics.