The Los Note Studio


The Lost Note Studio is located in Waikaretu at Dexters small lifestyle block.


The main recording is done in what was the formal dining room. The room contains a Korg D1600 DAW as the main recorder. The mixing board is a Spirit Folio SX. Monitors are Carvins.

There is also a laptop PC with Windows XP Pro, Sonar Producer 8, Presonus USB, Cubase LE4, Rebirth and a lot of plugins.

Rack gear consists of :
Presonus Studio Channel Strip, Midiverb 3, Quadraverb 4, Ibanez Stereo EQ, Behringer Headphone Amp.

Guitar Amps:
Vox AC15TV Heritage (1 x 12), Peavey Bravo (1 x 12), Peavey Valve King (2 x 12), Peavey Classic 50 (2 x 12 tweed), Marshall Vintage Modern (2 x 12), Epiphone Valve Junior Head with Eminence loaded 4 x 12 cab. Various solid state amps.

Drums and Drum Machines: Arbitor Flats Acoustic kit, Roland TD3 electronic kit, Boss DR660 drum machine, Korg 234 drum machine; Kawai R100 drum machine.

Guitars: Various Fender Strats and Teles, Gibson Les Paul Gem, Epiphone Les Paul (Alnico Pro 2 pups), vintage Ibanez electrics, vintage Hofner acoustics, Ibanez Acoustic, Cort 12 string acoustic, and a cast of thousands…

Keyboards: M-Audio Midi Controller, Roland Sound Canvas, Yamaha TX-7, Kawai PH-50.

Mics: Baby Blue Bottle, Akai ACM-100 (3), Shure SM-57, Shure SM-58.

Effects: Over 200 effects pedals and rack mounted processors of varying age and coolness. Current favorites, custom modded Ibanez TS9, Crowther Audio Hotcake, vintage Boss DS-1, vintage Boss CE-2.

For a more complete list of guitars and effects check back soon.

Some photos…