Amphetamine and No Quarter Confirmed

I got this email today from Dave Arrowsmith…

I hope this is Ok ,but so far have got my latest line up AMPHETAMINE confirmed to do a mix of covers and originals. DA ,Brian, Little James ,Big James, Ryan on drums and Martin on Bass. Say 10 songs?

Have a second band doing my old NO QUARTER stuff -reckon they are good for about 6 songs probably all original….(Line is DA, my James ,Lead Vox of main band James and Greg/Craig different RH Section)Sort of Zep stuff.

Then Maybe James, James, Brian and I will learn 5 acoustic songs a mix of originals and covers for Sat afternoon.

All of this is subject to what and how YOU would like to run the show and what you’d like from us.

All I can say is the guys seem to be up for it: I sold them on a farm weekend ,camping, maybe a spit and  a really relaxed event, adequate toilets(ha ha). Of course the chance to support the one and only “DEXTER”…..

We may need to discuss lights, PA etc a little later…Also some boards for the deck..maybe I can get some ply ripped down and bring it down (Will need Deck width and length Measure)

The Countdown has begun (sung to the theme of Thunderbirds theme)

Cheers Dave

Kind Regards

David Arrowsmith

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