What To Bring

If you are coming down and staying on the farm here is a checklist of things you might need.

Remember that the farm is in a remote rural setting. There are no shops to pop up to to get anything you might have forgotten. There is no cell phone coverage at the farm. If you need to use your cellphone you can usually get 027 coverage by driving 7 kms back up towards town, 021 coverage is a 14km drive. Make sure you get petrol before you get off State Highway 1. There are gas stations at Mercer and Huntly.

Food: There will be a barbecue dinner on Friday night and a barbecue breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.
On Saturday evening there is a Lamb on a spit dinner with salads and bread rolls etc. There will be a simple dessert. NOTE: There is no lunch on Saturday.

Things to bring.

1/. Alcohol and soft drink.
2/. Any extra food you might want to nibble/munch on.
3/. If you are staying overnight we have some tents going up which you are welcome to sleep in. You are also welcome to bring your own tent and pitch in the tent area. You will need to bring some bedding, pillows, blankets, mattress,sleeping bags etc. Other accommodation can be found here.
4/. Bathroom kit. Bring your toothbrush.
5/. If you are a smoker you better bring enough to get you through the weekend.
6/. If you are taking in Nikau Cave on Saturday afternoon then you will need to bring enough money to cover the cost of going through the caves as well as lunch.
7/. Anything else you might want to bring is up to you.

Parking: There is a one acre paddock set aside for parking. Turn right as you enter the drive and you will be directed to a parking spot. Watch out for cow pats.

Toilets: There are two toilets for use and one bathroom with a shower. Please remember that we are on tank water so make your showers short and think of others.