PA System

The PA system is as follows:

Front of house: Power amps
Rockit 800w power amp driving main bins
Samick 250w power amp driving bass subs
Roland 150w power amp driving foldback monitors

Front of house : Speakers
Main bins:

2 x 360w Reactor each with 1 x 12″ and 3 tweeters
2 x Jade 150w each with 1 x 12″ and single tweeter horn
Bass bins:
2 x 15″ Laser 150w
Bass sub:
1 x Peavey 400w 15″
Stage monitors:
2 x Rockit 100w each with 1 x 12″ and single tweeter horn
2 x Flea monitor
1 x box with 2 x 10″ Plessey drivers

Tascam 12 channel stereo mixer
1 x Alisis Midiverb
1 x Technics Stereo EQ
1 x Ibanez mono EQ
2 x Behringer compressors

Drum kit is sub-mixed by Phonic 8 channel mixer

2 x Shure SM58
2 x Shure SM57
Various other mics on 9 stands

4 x 150w spotlights
4 colour twig light
1 x strobe
1 x police light