Band Profile : Deja VU & Nico

Deja VU & Nico is Dexter Radley’s latest project. This is a Lou Reed / Velvet Underground tribute band playing a set of 18 songs.

The band consists of 4 core members (Deja VU) and invited guests (Nico)

The 4 core players are Dexter Radley on guitar and vocals, Matt Grant on guitar and keyboards, Danielle Smith on bass and vocals and Robbie van de Lisdonk on drums.

Radley’s track record is detailed elsewhere on the site, Robbie van de Lisdonk is an old mate of Dexter’s from the 70’s and taught Dexter to play the drums. Robbie played in early punk bands like Junk and Phantom with Frank Stark & co and also has a writing credit on the Herbs song ‘Nuclear Waste‘. This is Matt and Dani’s first band. Matt lives next door in Waikaretu and has been playing guitar for years and has recently been press ganged onto the keyboard and Dani is Dexter’s neice.

Invited guests include Warren Cate (guitar), Lyn Hood (trumpet), Grant Wills (guitar), Nina (violin, banjo)

The band set list is as follows:

01.        New Age (Loaded) [Dave, Dani, Robbie]
02.        Femme Fatale (1969 Live Disc 1) [Dave, Dani, Robbie]
03.        Perfect Day (Transformer) [Dave, Dani, Robbie]
04.        Think It Over (Growing Up In Public) [Dave, Dani, Robbie]
05.        Walk On The Wild Side (Transformer) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt, Grant]
06.        What Goes On (The Velvet Underground) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
07.        I’ll Be Your Mirror (VU & Nico) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
08.        Sunday Morning (VU & Nico) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
09.        Heroin (VU & Nico) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
010.     Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
011.     Strawman (New York) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]
012.     I’m Waiting For The Man (VU & Nico) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Warren]
013.     Dirty Boulevard (New York [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Warren]
014.     Sweet Jane (Loaded) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Warren]
015.     Rock n Roll (Loaded) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Warren]
016.     Satelite Of Love (Transformer) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Warren]
017.     After Hours (The Velvet Underground) [Dave, Dani]
018.     Venus In Furs (VU & Nico) [Dave, Dani, Robbie, Matt]