Dexter Recovered


dexter-recovered-coverOver the last couple of years Dexter has been busy in his lab working on audio tone. The work has involved a major studio upgrade and a ton of new toys. He’s launched a successful venture offering guitar pedal modifications as well. The modified pedals will all be featured on the new album Dexter Recovered.

So why an album of cover versions?

Three reasons, firstly the songs are all good songs, important songs to Dexter himself. From ABBA to Zappa the songs are Dexters’s ‘tip of the hat’ to the artists who originally wrote these songs. Secondly in order to get where Dexter is coming from it’s sometimes easier if we listen to where he’s been. Cover versions, however radically different from the tunes you know and used to love, provide a simple road map to help you on that road to discovery. Finally, for the plain and simple fun of it.