Feb 12 Concert Update Email

Just a short one to let people know there is an update regarding accommodation and cooking on the website…


I had a meeting with Dave Arrowsmith on the 28th and we went over some planning issues regarding lights and sound systems. We will be doing a full dress rehearsal before the 12th to make sure we have enough power and to ensure the PA is going to be big enough to meet the needs of today’s rock elite.

Rumours –

International media celebrity and Trackside superstar George Simon is considering a cameo performance. Most Elvis sightings can be traced to people hearing George singing in his car.

Dexter Song List

For my set – I will be going on early, starting solo, then adding backing tracks then adding real people along the way, all done in an hour so not too hard on your ears.

– – – So far the Dexter Set Guest List Includes

: Warren Cate – guitar
: Steve Mapstone – bass
: Robbie Lis Donk – drums – Rock n Roll
: Haggis McGuiness – harmonica – Helpless
: Crystal Cooke – backing vocals & Tamborine
: Tarquin Stewart – guitar and backing vocals
: Karyn Fenton – Ellis – Electric Violin (TBC) – Helpless
: John & Jude – backing vocals
: Anne Horsfall – gogo dancer
: Micky Concannon – cat o nine tails – Venus In Furs

The rest of the supergroups have embargoed their announcements until closer to the date, which is the way big stars are so just play to their over inflated egos and pretend to be in suspense when we really couldn’t give a stuff, that seems to make them happy.

Video –

I’ve been asked to film the event and can get my hands on about 4 digi video cams. If you fancy yourself as a camera operator for the night or just part of it now is the time to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity to work very hard for no financial reward but you will get a credit on the film.

Enjoy the holidays and have a great Yew Year’s Eve people.

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