USA Denies ‘Unfair Advantage’ Claim

The USA swimming team today refuted Australia’s protest into it’s late Olympic entrant Willy Grunter, the New Jersey freak who was born with and outboard motor between his legs instead of a what’s it.

USA team officials said that it was particularly cruel of the Australians to allege that Willy’s enhancements amounted to an unfair advantage.

“You try walking around with a 90 horse Merc strapped to your codger’ said Grunter.

The On Board Outboard?

The On Board Outboard?

Olympic Officials are keeping a low profile in the debate despite private concerns. An unnamed source confirmed that ‘It’s looks a bit fishy’.

Officials have denied USA requests for core samples to be taken as requested and said to eh USA ‘ Get over it, ya farken whingers, or fekk right off’.

In related matters today the Romanian Weight Lifting Team was sent home for using traceable drugs.

‘It’s a fair cop’ Romanian Officials accepted. ‘Next time we’ll be more careful and break some world records’.

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