Australia Silver Tally Reaches New High

Runner Up Capital Of The World, Australia, today reached the unheard of tally of 21 second place prizes at the Sydney Olympics.

“We are top notch at being second rate” said a patriot.

Sources revealed that the avalanche of runner up prizes was going a long way toward restoring some national pride after the recent Sporting Capital Of The World results that saw Australia miss out on making the Top Ten again.

“On a per capita basis, we are crap” said Sgt Phil Hobbs, a regular at the NSW Silver Tankard Saloon.

“I spat yet more of my beloved beer over my monitor when I read that” he slurred.

Meanwhile sales of new Olympic Mascot ‘Silvia’ have exceeded all expectations and organisers said they were hoping to get more made to meet demand.

“We have contracted a Kiwi firm to do this as “we” Aussies are too slow and can’t meet the deadlines”

In other news a spokesshiela for the Aussies Sheilas For A Decent Root Brigade have called on Aussie males to pay tribute to the Silver medallists by ‘coming second’ in the bedroom for once in their lives.

“We are sick of being treated as w@nk rags by these beer loving morons and wouldn’t mind a decent jump once in a lifetime”

A spokesbloke for the Sydney Organisation of Fellers To Come Once, Come Quick (SOFTCOCQ), who refused to be timed, said the sheilas weren’t just a pack of moaners.

It is understood that the government is still refusing to apologise because they felt it was unfair to expect Aussie blokes to be held responsible for anything.

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