Silver Slide Continues

Australia’s dream of being the best at being almost good enough turned to sh!t today as they were overhauled by Russia in the Runner Up Stakes.

Russia sits on 28 Silver medals and Australia is on 25 with arch rivals and idols the USA.

Russia, always in top contention in the loser stakes, fulfilled it’s expectation today and has been placed as the official runner up to the USA.

Australians we spoke to today were shattered by the loss.

“It’s bad enough that the Russians have got 28 second prizes, but that we have to share second place with the Americans is a bitter pill to swallow” said one despondent citizen.

“We spent millions of dollars that could have gone on more important things,” said one gutted silver medallist, “You have to say it has not been worth the effort”

“We are even failing at failing now”

To make matters worse the Kiwis have announced their medal tally as one the bright spots of the games.

“Look at the scoreboard, there are no second prizes as far as the Kiwis are concerned” said an insider.

The Prime Minister Mr John Howard said he would be facing the nation tonight to apologise.

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