Pope Outraged By Off The Cuff Outburst

The head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope David has expressed ‘deep concern’ at the ongoing oppression suffered by catholics who play cricket in Australia.

‘The Australians have stooped to a new level today” he said. ‘No wonder they grow up the way they do”

The Pope was referring to Aussie cricketing golden boy Shane Warne’s recent outburst where he shouted ‘Fuc#en RC cun%$’ on Australian TV.

Warne was sorry that his screaming fit was heard but has steadfastly refused to accept any responsibility for his tantrum.

“I’m not going to apologise to anyone for anything’ he said again. “Why the fuc# should I you soft cun$” he continued.

While nearly 2 Australians are concerned at his abusive comments ordinary decent Australians have rallied to support their hero.

“Get fuc#ed the lot of you” said Australian Prime Minister John Howard. “Warney has been unlucky to get caught being a right fuc#ing little bleeder in the past but we still want him to represent our cun#ry” he said.

“There will be no apology” he confided.

“Tell the Pope and his band of communists to fuc# off and get a life” said Moe B. Richards, a spokescun# for the League Of Australian Teachers.

Fanny Wetspot, a leading campaigner for the Australian Council of Sheilas said she too supported Warne. “Shane’s a fuc#n good cun# alright and I bet he has a nice phone manner” she said.

The Pope was adamant that RC’s should not be referred to in the manner in which Warne did, but said he did not expect his protests to receive much support from third world civilizations.

“However” he said, “we must try and educate the savage nations as best we can and prey that one day good will triumph.”

Local roman catholic representatives refused to comment for fear of reprisals.

“It’s a fuc#en jungle out there, and it get’s worse when these cun#s drink” said an un-named NSW bishop.

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