Kangaroos Notch Up A Victory – Finally

The long suffering Aussie sports fan has done it tough these last few years as they have been tied down sport like an unwilling marsupial component of a deviant bondage session and forced to watch their beloved rugby league team take it up the clacker repeatedly by the world champions from New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the Pacific. The Aussie team used to be called the Kangaroos and were well known for cheating many hollow victory’s. They refuse to play the Kiwis unless they can bring the referee. They use their own judiciary process to restrict New Zealand team selections. While New Zealand players are sent home for using cough medicine Kangaroo players reveal they use banned drugs with immunity.

Still they lose.

No wonder the team is known throughout the civilised world as the Kangalose these days.

But finally, after decades of embarrassment, some Kangaroos in the third world toilet that is Ausfailure have had a victory.

Racing Victoria was forced to abandon yesterday’s Hanging Rock Cup meeting in Australia because of a kangaroo invasion.

The traditional Australia Day meeting had attracted thousands of racegoers, but kangaroos invading the track made it impossible for RVL stewards to let the races go ahead.

The horses were in the barrier for the first event when jockeys noticed kangaroos close to the track along the back straight.

The horses were backed out of the barriers and moves were made to shoo the kangaroos away. Despite the efforts of Kyneton and Hanging Rock Racing Club and RVL staff the kangaroos returned to the vicinity of the track.

One kangaroo even managed to hop down the home straight.

About 2pm chief steward Peter Ryan had no choice but to abandon the meeting because there were no guarantees that the kangaroos wouldn’t jump on to the track while a race was being run.

Bendigo trainer Brett Mallyon has described the meeting as a ”comedy” act.

Mallyon, who saddled up Persona Grata in the opening event, said he was unlikely to return to Hanging Rock for future meetings.

“This is the first meeting I’ve ever seen that’s been called off because of kangaroos,” Mallyon said.

“There’s a cyclone fence around the place, so the kangaroos were corralled in there.

“They’d chase the kangaroos up one way and then they’d just bounce back the other way. It was like watching a comedy.

“It’s disappointing not to have the horse run and it’s also costly. It’s not cheap to take a horse to the races these days.

“I’ve been to Hanging Rock before and I remember last year there was a problem with kangaroos getting on the track.

“I would have thought the club would have done something about it yesterday or this morning. There’s no point trying to chase the kangaroos away when the horses are in the barrier.

“I won’t be going back (to Hanging Rock) again.”

Kyneton and Hanging Rock Racing Club chief executive Mark Graham said the Roos usually stay behind the 1700-metre fence around the track after being encouraged out by staff on race day morning.

Graham said a crowd of more than 5000 people attended the races and about 20 expressed disappointment the races had been postponed.

“Country race meetings, kangaroos, barbecues – that’s what Australians are all about, isn’t it?”

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