Every body needs good neighbours

While it’s very true that Ausfailure is a dump, full of bogan losers and sports stars getting away with all sorts of garbage it’s not all bad news if your refuge boat lands there. New Zealand is only a few more kilometers away and a much nicer place to live and visit, according to experts.

After being named third-best country to live in, now New Zealand’s second only to New York as the place to be in 2011.

Kiwis headed overseas next year might want to unpack their bags now that New Zealand is No 2 on CNN’s list of top destinations – ahead of the Peruvian Amazon, Japan and Barcelona.

Compiled by travel experts – including Lonely Planet’s US editor, Robert Reid – the list cites “fantastically luxurious lodges” and the Rugby World Cup as two reasons New Zealand is a must-go-to in 2011.

The cup was “a great springboard” for tourists to see the country, Reid said. He was “determined to learn the haka” here.

New Zealand was ranked third-best country to live in in this year’s United Nations Human Development Report.

Ausfailure is the favorite destination of boat people refugees due to it’s history of welcoming convicts and criminals and making them heros.

New Zealand is a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the pacific and won the Commonwealth gold medal in netball after beating Ausfailure in the final, New Zealand also won the rugby league world cup final again beating Ausfailure and holds the Four Nations trophy following yet another win over Ausfailure in the final as well, and even their poofter team of All Blacks this year completed a record 10 wins in a row against the losers from Ausfailure.

Ausfailure is the home of Joel Monaghan, the rugby league star who this year admitted that photos of himself and a dog engaging in a sex act were genuine.

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