Rugby League Failure Only Tip Of Sh!tty Iceberg

As expected Ausfailure crapped out yet again to the World Champion Kiwis in the rugby league, that’s the third time in 4 finals that the Ockers have choked.

The rugby union mob were national heros last week after finally knocking off the male model dominated All Blacks after 10 failed attempts, but proved that was a fluke when they wen down to Rugby Union laughing stock England in a record loss on Sunday morning.

Ausfailure’s Mark Webber had been leading the Formula One Driver’s Championship until the weekend as well, and true to form crapped out and failed.

If the Aussie losers don’t turn things around soon I’m going to have to employ 30 staff to keep this website up to date. We’ve been detailing Ausfailure’s sporting catastrophes for 20 years now with just the usual skeleton crew but these clowns are on the slippery slope now and keeping up with their losses is becoming a full time job for a small company.

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