Relief At Hand For Small Dicked Ockers

While importers of Japan grade condoms are happy with the fact that the average Ausfailure man’s dick is 4 inches according to secret government cover-ups not too many others are thrilled with the problem.

Aussie lasses are the biggest losers over the issue and many have ditched the Aussie bloke for more substantially endowed lads from New Zealand, no need to mention Nicole Kidman here.

Some jokers find the situation so bad that they prefer to have sex with dogs rather than have the missus say those 3 words that Aussie males hear far too often ‘Is it in?’

But help is on it’s way as desperate Aussie chicks do their best to accommodate the under sized penile equipment of the Aussie male.

While penis growth hormones are an embarrassingly large import into Ausfailure the number of Australian Medicare-funded operations to reduce the size of women’s genitals has trebled in a decade, in a strong indication some procedures are being performed for cosmetic rather than medical reasons according to recent media reports.

Ted Weaver, president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, who will speak this week about the issue at the Women’s Hospitals Australasia and Children’s Hospitals Australasia annual conference in Melbourne asks the question “If women have big labia, does that really make them less desirable?”

A case never mind the labia, just get me the Labrador?

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