Ausfailure Wins Poofter Competition

NZ Male Model and All Black Dan Carter In His Lingerie Photo Shoot

Aussies shed tears of pride last night as their poofter team finally managed to out poofter fellow poofters the All Blacks. The All Blacks are a team of male models from New Zealand who have been on a winning streak against Ausfailure’s poofters for the last 5 or 6 years.

Ausfailure’s poofters have modeled themselves on the Kiwi arse bandits but have lacked the ability to do much more than be second rate poofters, until now.

Ausfailure leads the world in being second rate following their recent Commonwealth Games record silver medal haul.

Poofters love rugby due to the prolonged physical contact the game provides whereas heterosexuals tend to be more inclined to the game of rugby league despite the huge number of Aussie rugby league players who like to join each other for group sex after the games.

“There’s always going to be a bit of over enthusiastic male bonding involving sex when you include Aussies in anything’ said a prominent Aussie cross dresser.

“But that doesn’t mean rugby league is as much a poofter sport as rugby yet” he/she implored.

Ausfailure’s under siege sports fans were unimpressed with the win.

“So we beat a bunch of poofters and proved we are better at being poofters than the other poofters” said a rugby league fan from Bummee NSW.

“Being world champion poofters is all very well, but the rugby league world cup is still held by New Zealand” he sobbed.

But some Aussie sports fans were thrilled with their poofters efforts.

“I always had faith that when it came to poofter sports like rugby our dear boys were always going to be better at it than anything that New Zealand could throw at us because of our depth” said Richard Smoker from Wangjoos Queensland.

“New Zealand has what, 20 to 30 poofters but we have nearly 14 million” he squealed.

Ausfailure’s beleaguered prime minister is also welcoming the win at poofter sport.

“Our rugby league men might not be up to beating anyone other than their fiances but at least our arse bandit team can take on other men and come out on top” she said.

Aussie rugby league fans demanded New Zealand return the rugby league world cup following their poofter team’s loss to the Aussie poofters.

New Zealand’s poofter team were in tears at the loss.

“We tried our poofter best, but the Aussies were simply bigger poofters than us” said a member of New Zealand’s losing poofter team.

“Now you know how we have felt with all our other sports over the last 15 years” said a spokesperson for the Greg Norman Foundation.

Meanwhile the world champion New Zealand rugby league team thrashed their rivals in Rotorua last night by a 64 point margin recalling the huge victories over Ausfailure’s Kangalose in rugby league in recent years.

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