Sheilas Homo Rant Follows Mel’s Jew and ‘Nigger’ Remarks

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Aussies are fed up with being losers and that’s completely understandable in the post cheating era where winning isn’t as easy as it used to be for the under performers from down under. Unfortunately they’ve been having their arses dished up on a plate for so long that even a crappy win over a thrid rate rugger team from South Africa causes Ockers to go off like Mel Gibson being given a speeding ticket by a jewish ex wife.

Aussie born and bred superracist Mel Gibson might be the richest ocker to rant and rave about minorities that give him the sh!ts but he sure as hell aint the only one.

Stephanie Rice managed to offend the world recently when the Losseroos Rugby Team snuk up and won a game of rugby.

“Suck on that faggots” the twit informed the public via her Twitter page.

Her twit showed what a twat she was as human rights groups were forced to once more groan about some Ocker boofhead offending decent people.

Rice tried to bail out of her cock up by deleting the offensive hate post and apologising but failed to rescue her endorsement deal with Jaguar who promptly repossessed the car they gave her.

Hates groups have come to Rice’s aid and have called on her to make public appearances with Mel Gibson.

“Mel can carry on attacking the Jews and niggers and Rice can serve it up to the homos” said an Aussie supporter of the Klu Klux Khan..

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