Aus Bends Over For Pakistanis

Bluey Crackersport at Headingly Watching Ausfailure Lose, Again


So long ago. That was the last time Ausfailure were sh!thouse enough for the world’s worst cricket team, Pakistan, to cream them

But overnight at Headingly in Leeds Ausfailure relented and after a humiliating 1st innings of just a meagre 88 they served their arses up to Pakistan.

“Yum yum, white Aussie arse, my favorite kind” said unemployed Sultan Palik Sumbalik from Karachi

The defeat underlines just how crap Ausfailure are at everything these days.

Ausfailure recently lost the world championship for rugby league to New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the Pacific and their largest state, New South Wales, recently suffered the indignity of 5 straight series losses to their opponents.

Ausfailure’s cricket team is just days away from trying to win back the Ashes from England.

England are pretty crap at Cricket, but the last 3 times they played a series against Ausfailure they thrashed them.

Ausfailure cricket fans were not surprised at the latest humiliating loss.

“We always said we are the team to beat and everyone is beating us” said Dean O’Papa from Broken Back Hill, NSW

“Losing is a way of life for us” he said

Former prime minister Kelvin Rudd agreed.

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