Two Time Aussie Losers Heading Home

Sockerlose Homecoming

Back to back Fifa World Cup losers the Sockerlose are in transit to the Airport and heading home after securing defeat on the biggest sports stage in the world just minutes ago.

Ausfailure secured defeat in the opening round of the tournament when they crashed 4 nil against a rookie German side.

While losing is not usually celebrated in Ausfailure sports fans have become well used to the bad news. Last night the Ausfailure cricket team got thoroughly dicked by England, and on the weekend the Aussie rugger boys took it up the clacker from England, again.

Ausfailure captain Ken Twinafuggenthingthesedaysmate was philosophical about once more failing at sport.

“OK, so we crapped out really badly, but at least we’ll be home before New Zealand” said Ken.

It is the first time Ausfailure will have beaten New Zealand at anything in over 54 years.

Meanwhile the incredible losing streak has taken it’s toll on the country with call’s for the prime minister to resign and hands the country over to someone who will legislate certain Aussie victories in sport, or at least free up public money to bribe officials with.

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