Cocaine Yes, Bubble Gum No

No Bubble Gum

As police hand back embarrassing cellphone footage of rugby league stars doing illegal drugs offenders chewing gum in class are not given such leniency. Sh!t no.

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Jailed for bursting gum STEVE BUTCHER June 18, 2010

A GUM-CHEWING 20-year-old from Dandenong was yesterday jailed by a magistrate for contempt of court for bursting bubble gum in court.

Mirza Zukanovic admitted his action in looking at magistrate Rod Crisp and blowing a bubble of gum until it popped was contempt.

After the blow-up in the Moorabbin Justice Centre, Mr Crisp directed that Zukanovic, who had just been granted an adjournment on unrelated charges, not leave the court.

He was permitted to meet his solicitor in an interview room, watched by court security, from which he later emerged to plead guilty.

In a plea of mitigation, Zukanovic’s lawyer told Mr Crisp her client had not meant disrespect and that his father had suffered a second heart attack that morning.

In his remarks, Mr Crisp said Zukanovic’s action was a ”calculated act” that showed disrespect to the court. He jailed him for a month.

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