Wannabes 1 Match Winning Streak Ends

The Loserbies

Ausfailure’s forlorn sporting hopes were in tatters tonight as the ruggeroid team’s world cup preparations went down the gurgler. Already having to settle for having New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the pacific, take possession of the rugby league world cup, Ausfailure now faces little chance on winning even the rugby world cup.

The Wannabes are on a 7 match losing streak against the New Zealand team, made up mainly on effeminate lingerie models and other random pansies.

Last weekend the Wannabes were sporting minor erections after a close win against the fat and bloated lard arses from England.

Some thought this might be the start of a turn around in form for the former penile colony.

“Pigs might fly as well” said a ruggeroid from Bummee NSW.

Tonight, in front of 50,000 Aussies the Wannabes were hammered by England who ran away with the match.

The final score was 21 – 20 to the rampant tubbies.

Sources from the Ausfailure camp were full of praise for the jumbo sized chubbos from Pomgolia.

“Their fitness was always a concern, but they don’t have a loser mentality and that is a huge advantage when playing us losers” said the source.

Ausfailure has lost the rugby world cup a record two times.

In South Africa the Sockerlose lead the loserboard with the biggest losing margin so far in the football world cup.

Socker Ausfailure welcomed the news saying being the biggest loser was about all Ausfailure could hope for in sports tournaments these days.

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