Americans Demand Core Samples

Move over Skippy, here comes Flippy

Move over Skippy, here comes Flippy

In tactics recalling the Australian Defense of the Americas Cup in Perth, the American swimming team has called on the Olympic authorities to take core samples of Australian swimming sensation Flipper Thorpes’ enormous size 17 feet.

Labeled ‘Thorpedo’, Flipper was today brushing off claims that his enormous feet were in fact made of fiberglass and surgically attached to his ankles.

Flipper labeled the accusations ‘sour grapes from a bunch of broken guitarists’ referring to the fact that at a social gathering between to two teams the Aussies SuperBoot stood on an Americans guitar and smashing it to pieces and chipping his foot.

Olympic Officials called on the American team to provide some proof besides a huge big right toe, said to belong to the Aussie Champ.

Meanwhile the Australians are said to be looking into challenging the credentials of an American Swimmer who arrived for the games last night who is said to have been born with an outboard motor between his legs instead of a penis and will go against Thorp in future contests.

American officials denied the outboard motor was a side effect of performance enhancing drugs.

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