Johns ‘you can’t be apologising all your life for being an arsehole.’

Johnsy Looks Into Racism In Sport

Racist druggie Andrew Johns was today searching for a sole supporter as his reputation as a top Aussie was under further attack from his countrymen. Johns looks set to be denied Immortal status for being a racist.

He has been dumped as coaching consultant by The Eels.

Sources close to Johns said he was logging in to asr-hell every 2 hours desperate for support from fellow racist Slippery Sam.

Sam has supported every lowlife rat in Ausfailure, but it appears that even Sam has given up on Johns.

Meanwhile Timana Tahu’s stepfather has labeled Andrew Johns a ”redneck” who should forever be kicked out of rugby league and revealed the toll that the State of Origin race slur has taken on Tahu’s mother, Linda.…

Ken Jurotte, an Aboriginal affairs worker, ridiculed the former Newcastle halfback’s appearance this week as a guest coach of La Perouse United, a predominantly Aboriginal team, as a publicity stunt in a scathing attack on the legendary halfback.

”As Timana said, it’s not the first time he’s heard [racist comments] from Johns,” Jurotte told The Sun-Herald. ”Johns running off to train some Aboriginal kids in La Perouse – that’s just window dressing.

”If Johns is a redneck, he needs to get out of the game. People should be ashamed of him. How many mistakes does a bloke make? ‘I’m sorry for being a druggie, I’m sorry for this, I’m sorry for that’ – you can only be so sorry. Maybe I’m being too tough on the bloke but you can’t be apologising all your life for being an arsehole.”

Rednecks we spoke said they were deeply offended by being lumped in with cu^ts like Johns.

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