“We’ve never been given the fair go” bleat Sockerlose


While the world sits up and watches as the All Whites from New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the pacific and current rugby league world champions, upstage their big mouthed and small dicked not so neighborly neighbors from the west Ausfailure at the FIFA World Cup Ausfailure is hitting back – with a whingefest. Exposed as useless in their opening match against an inexperienced bunch of German kids the Sockerlose with high risk player Tim Cahill living up to coach Pim Werekrap’s prediction by being red carded, were quickly jettisoned by sports fans all across the loser continent.

Aussie football fans clambered aboard the Kiwi band wagon once again as they did after their boat snapped in half and sank in San Diego.

The Sockerlose match against Ghana was always going to be tough given Aussie being so crap and all, and when famed hot head Harry Kewell was red carded early in the match the whinge machine went into overdrive.

Meanwhile the 2000/1 long shot no hoper team from New Zealand just turned up and played the fuggen game and all around the world serious sports fans are sitting up and asking “Who TF are these champion blokes?”

This seems to be adding insult to injury to the long suffering losers from the green and yellow land.

“I was gutted New Zealand didn’t get hammered 4 nil like our shower of sh!t blokes” said Sue Errgrapes, a cross dresser from Bummee NSW.

“It’s bad enough to play sh!thouse and lose and whinge and bleat, but to see New Zealand play so well just goes down like a cup of cold sick” she/he whined.

“It’s just not fair” said Anne Other, from Pullaroot Tasmania.

Meanwhile the fans are being joined in the sobfest by red carded Sockerloser Tim Cahill himself making for quite a cosy little sookfest.


“I don’t know what position we’ve ever been in where the odds have been with us,” he said.

“I think for us, as a nation we’ve never been given the fair go”

Cahill was in tears following his dismissal against Germany, and today called it the hardest night of his life. The Everton midfielder says he is filled with sympathy for Kewell, whose international career may have ended in Rustenberg.

The Sockerlose are up for their next hiding when they play Serbia on June 24. New Zealand beat Serbia prior to the cup tournament starting adding further pressure to Ausfailure’s already over stressed, tearful and knicker wetting loser team.

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