NZ Beat World Champs, Again

NZ's Trophy

More humiliation for former world champs at everything Ausfailure as their idols New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands somewhere in the pacific beat world champion football stars Italy at the FIFA World Cup. New Zealand are 78th ranked dreamers in the world of football and were expected to totally embarrass their part of the world in South Africa.

However they have been well and truly upstaged in that department by professional losers at everything Ausfailure.

Even the Sydney Morning Herald has abandoned the Sockerlose and has claimed the New Zealand team as dinky di Aussies, further rubbing in the rugby league world championship loss of 2009.

Ausfailure have been awarded tournament whinger first prize for the way they have handled the red carding of their players for cheating in an even money result for punters.

Ausfailure prime minister said compared to New Zealand’s Ford V8 performance the Aussie effort was in comparison, a Vespa causing one Aussie to spit the dummy and refuse to eat his veges until New Zealand apologised for Ausfailure’s crap efforts lately.

Ausfailure lost to Italy in a 1 all draw at the last world cup and have been whinging about it ever since.

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