Storm Players Too Busy Cheating For Queensland To Front Up

You have to laugh at all those Broncoes fans who have been falling over the place supporting the Melbourne Storm cheats with many saying the players are completely innocent? Of course we can only speculate why Broncoes fans are shoving their tongues down the trousers of News Ltd’s other team, but until we have cellphone footage to hide I suppose we can ignore the truth.

Still, commiserations to any of those who thought the Origin of the Species games actually counted for anything less than a parade of cheats welcoming fans into a multi million dollar glory hole and saying ‘Any of you fans stupid enough to suck on this?,8659,27231403-5018866,00.html

Senior Melbourne Storm players snub salary cap investigators

Melbourne Storm’s senior players have snubbed meetings with salary cap breach investigators.The news came as NRL investigators found Cam Smith had three contracts.

It is alleged one was registered with the NRL, one was in a file at the Storm’s administration headquarters and a third was being hidden at the home of former Storm chief Matt Hanson.

The contracts, which were drawn up by disgraced former boss Brian Waldron, also included payments for a home renovation and a guaranteed Tv commentary role. It is claimed Super League architect John Ribot negotiated the TV deal.

Despite the allegations, Smith has denied he was aware of any rorting.

It is also claimed other instances of Storm stars having more than one contract have been uncovered.

It can be revealed 10 Storm stars were due to front accounting firm Deloitte in the past fortnight, but none had appeared.

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