NR-HELL Move Into New Offices

HR-Hell HQ

HR-Hell HQ

The NR-Hell today advised that judicial shaftings will now take place at the new purpose built head office for the NR-Hell Jokediciary.

The building is situated at 14 Grovellenbeg Street, Central Sydney.

A spokes person for the NR-Hell said the building was designed by a leading architect and was meant to express the finest traditions of years of considered deliberations by successive tribunals.

The building features many of the latest hi tech features found in many Australian tribunals. There are desks, chairs and pens and paper.

There is even a VCR player should the need arise to look at something.

A spokespersotang for the referees, Cheetah Lewis, said ‘My mob’ll go fer this Shag, no wukkers’.

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