World Cup Nightmare Continues For Sockerlose

Ausfailure’s Sockerlose last night surprised no one by giving yet
another unconvincing effort against 36th ranked Denmark.

Ausfailure’s Coach Pim Werekrap blasted the Sockerlose after their
appalling effort against 78th ranked New Zealand last week whilst
being full of praise for the professionalism of New Zealand.

Pre game predictions saw bookies favoring Ausfailure to beat the Danes
at 7/4 but Ausfailure simply were not good enough to live up to these

With Ausfailure’s world cup hopes now in tatters Aussies are getting
in behind New Zealand and a recent poll revealed that 85% of Aussies
love New Zealanders more than any other nationality.

The World Cup starts on July 11th and Ausfailure’s remaining sports
fans are totally crapping themselves at the prospect of yet more
international humiliation.

Ausfailure recently lost the rugby league world cup to New Zealand and
have suffered a string of embarrassing cricket losses to England,
including the ashes and the T20 world title.

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