Aussie Stiffy For New Zealand Revealed in Latest Poll

Aussies Love NZ (Official)

Aussies Love NZ (Official)

It’s official. Ausfailure is such a sh!theap that most of the bludgers have a stiffy for New Zealand.

No one would be shocked to read the news online today reporting that out of all the countries in the world Aussies pull themselves over it is the tiny rugby league champions that give Aussies the biggest wad.

New Zealand defeated Ausfailure in the rugby league world title recently causing the Aussie coach to seek out the ref days later whilst still going apesh!t and making a twat of himself.

The coach was bundled out of the job and told to stop being a fuggen whinger.

The recent quick poll quizzed frustrated losers from Ausfailure about which country they envied the most, and no surprises that New Zealand came out on top.

‘I like the idea of sheep shagging” said Ewen Rooter from Pullmapudd in Queensland.

“Rooting something from New Zealand up the date would be a nice change from having their sports teams come here and shove one up ours” he cried.

Prime Minister Kelvin Rudd was not surprised by the results of the poll.

“With our nation turning to sh!t these days I am not surprised that we have a hard on for New Zealand” he said

“Fugg me ragged with the blunt end of a world cup trophy if you can find one, but New Zealand is just fuggen brilliant, compared to our dump” he concluded.

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