Sockerlose Outclassed By 78th Ranked Pretenders

Ausfailure’s World Cup hopes are in ruins this morning as the reality of it all sinks in – The Sockerlose aren’t much better than New Zealand, a small sparsely populated group of islands in the pacific, current world rugby league champions and ranked 78th in the socker world. In order to get any one to the game the match had to be held in Melbourne as 55,000 sat stunned and watched as the credibility of an alleged top 20 socker team was exposed as plain and simple ocker bullsh!t by a bunch of poofters from New Zealand.

New Zealand scored the first goal and led for most of the match until the Aussies finally managed to equalise late in the second half with a fluke shot.

Ausfailure were panicked by their crap effort and turned to their trademark biff but even that was a failure.

As full time approached the Aussies started to panic, but couldn’t do much about the scoreline of 1 All at 90 minutes as they were just simply useless.

Socker Ausfailure confirmed that they were to hold an emergency meeting today to decide if they should abandon their world cup matches.

“If we can’t knock of the 78th ranked team in the world easily then we are only going to make fools of ourselves against the other 77 teams that stand between us and winning something.” said a source close to a source.

New Zealand enjoyed the match despite the draw at 90 minutes.

“It was only a friendly for fuggs sake” said Evander Refsaregay. “We had a great time at the after match function bumming each other, that’s all this was ever about for us Shag” he concluded.

The World Cup starts in South Africa on June 11 for everyone else, and ended last night for Ausfailure.

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