It’s Just Not Cricket

As Ausfailure slides down to the bottom of the sh!theap in world sport a lot of people are asking how they got to be top of the heap and are now so sh!thouse. Take this weeks 20/20 cricket humiliation.

It was shocking to see Ausfailure lose to England in the final of the 20/20 World Cup. They were the undefeated side in the event unlike England who lost to the Windians in their league match. The Wankerroos were also the only team throughout the event to fluke large margin victories when it didn’t count, consistently. They downed Sri Lanka by 81 runs in their Super 8 match, knocked out India by 49 runs, defeated Pakistan in their league match by 34 runs, West Indies by 6 wickets and Pakistan in their semi final by 3 wickets. However they failed to match the brilliance of Collingwood the captain, and England the team, who worked twice as hard when it actually counted, in the final.

The 20/20 World Cup remains the one trophy that the Aussies have never been able to say “That’s going straight to the pool room” and going by their trip down the slippery slope over the last decade, it will be a generation or two before they have any hope of changing that sad and tragic fact.

The question has to be asked about how valid any of Ausfailure’s previous wins in cricket were. We know that in rugby league a certain ineligible player wiped a decades worth of hollow victories off the books when he admitted to taking banned drugs during his 10 year career. We also know that the ACB has in the past unsuccessfully tried to cover up the facts about some of Ausfailure’s senior players having bookies cash going their way.

We know that during Ausfailure’s unbelievable run at the top of the tree was during the era where outcomes of matches were fixed by bookies and sports cheats on their payroll.

Ausfailure went through the recent 20/20 World Cup series undefeated and in form, until the final.

Coincidentally arrests are now coming to light about other ICC players involved in betting fixes as police investigate the latest round of corrupt cricket matches.

We’ve had the Storm scandal which has rooted this seasons domestic, inter state and international rugby league fixtures by peppering them with that now almost exclusive Aussie sporting icon, the asterisk, then the snooker world championships with the John Higgins match fixing allegations coming out after the championship was won by Aussie Neil Robertson, and we also learn that Port Adelaide assistant coach Matthew Primus and 5 other AFL officials have been given gambling sanctions after an investigation discovered Primus placing a $20 multi-leg wager with a bet that was traced back to his laptop computer.

Let us all hope and prey to the gods of sport that Ausfailure doesn’t have to go through yet another appalling and disgraceful episode where their honored sons and cricket heroes are shown to be nothing more than cheats and swine like so many Aussies before them.

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