Another Ausfailure – Part 23,201 in this month’s series

Well done to the Ausfailure 20/20 team for handing yet another world title to the opposition. And who prey tell is the latest sports superstar to lower the Aussie trousers?

England. Yes, that’s what I said, England. The country that until this morning had never won a limited overs world title despite 35 years of trying. And then along comes present day Ausfailure. Back to the practice nets eh bro?

While Aussie sports stars can’t win much at least when they get plastered after losing and dance naked on the table, drive whilst over the limit, swap STD’s with each other while gang banging slappers in the dunny, do a few lines for the cameras then go home and glass the missus at least they know that they will still be on the club payroll, and the fans will still hero worship them.

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