Shit Storm Rocks Land Of Cheating

Shit Storm

Shit Storm - Click for Full Story

Ausfailure’s long suffering sport’s fans woke up today finding that yet another of their illustrious sporting icons are in fact like the rest of them – cheats.

Melbourne Storm have proved unbeatable over the last 5 years. Winning against Storm has proven harder than proving a rugby league team gang raped you.

Now Storm’s winning secret has been discovered. They cheated. They kept two sets of books and cheated the salary cap by over $1.7 million dollars in order to win.

Just how they kept this from the game’s administration is unknown but the cheating was only discovered after a former staffer blew the whistle, indicating that this would have gone on unchecked for decades.

Of course it also reminds other Aussie clubs to look after it’s current employees to keep secret they way they cheat as well.

Storm have had their hollow victories wiped and will earn no points this year as they continue to field a team well over the cap and deny other teams an even chance of competing.

While some will say this is unfair you have to realise this is Ausfailure we are talking about and fairness is not part f the vocabulary. Only winning counts, despite how you acheive it.

Until you are caught out of course.

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