Aussie Youngsters Join Choker Ranks

No joking, It's choking

No joking, It’s choking

More bad news for Ausfailure’s long suffering sports fans today as news comes in of the Ausfailure Schoolboys suffered a heartbreaking 30-28 loss in the dying stages of their tour match against England Under 18 at Sale Rugby Club on Sunday.

Hot on the heals of the Wallabies humiliating thrashing at the hands of lowly ranked teams like Scotland this month the Aussie Schoolboy Ruggeroids are lining up to be counted as losers as well.

Despite a 16-11 halftime lead and a 28-25 lead in the 60th minute Ausfailure’s school kids proved to be as crap at winning as their fathers when England beat the daylights out of them on Sunday.

Perfecting the art of losing has been the main feature of Ausfailure’s sports teams for about 10 years now and it’s comforting to note that the next generation of Ockers are as adept at choking as the current adult teams.

Watchers from around the world are trying hard to secure tickets to next years Soccer World Cup where it is expected Ausfailure will once more lose badly and whinge a lot.

“I like a good laugh at the footy” said an Italian Soccer fan, “and watching as Ausfailure spit the dummy over being sh!thouse is always good for a giggle” he snickered.

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