Ausfailure A Magnet For Dumbo’s

Another Kiwi Dumbo Crosses The Ditch

Another Kiwi Dumbo Crosses The Ditch

Ausfailure’s reputation as a haven for losers and dropouts has been confirmed by a recent census analysis.

Wellington demographer James Newell found that figures proved that Kiwis who left New Zealand for Ausfailure were more likely to be unskilled.

The good news for New Zealand is that these people stay in Ausfailure for life.

Former NZ Prime Minister Robert Muldoon embarrassed Ausfailure when he commented on the high numbers of Kiwi morons who went to live in Ausfailure by saying the result was good as it increased the average IQ of both countries and this latest research seems to prove that nothing has changed.

“Net trans-Tasman population loss is skewed towards New Zealand-born without professional qualifications or skills,” Dr Newell concluded.

Queensland sociologist Mary Power said the revelation supports Aussies’ widely-held belief that only the poor and less skilled New Zealanders make the crossing.

“There’s definitely a feeling among Australians that New Zealanders occupy our working class suburbs,” said Dr Power, of Bond University.

“And this study seems to support that.”

Kiwis have long propped up the workforce in Ausfailure and are in high demand by Aussie employers due to their ability to work, something that Aussies have proven failures at.

Also being dumb in Ausfailure is less obvious because of the high numbers of other dumb people around you.

New Zealand is a naturally brainier country and being a bit slow in New Zealand can be harder to hide so it’s no surprise that dunderheads bugger off to Ausfailure where they are welcomed with open arms.

Ausfailure’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was quick to seize the figures as proof that Ausfailure was better than New Zealand at something, even if it was only being a great place for mentally slow people to work.

“I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not but we have sent an email to New Zealand to have someone clever answer the question” he told reporters.

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