Field Goals To Be Outlawed?

Queensland league officials are today howling loudly and calling for field goals to be outlawed from the game as the shock of losing to this years wooden spoon certainties the New Zealand Warriors settles in.

The Kiwis were level pegging with the real footballers until a Stacey Jones drop goal in the closing minutes of the game shoved it cleanly up the Brisbane shoot.

“It’s just not a fair go” said Queensland officials.

The shock win could yet be reversed however, and we may even see the end of the field goal altogether as it is understood Brisbane officials will push for the rule change to be made retrospective.

“We are hoping to make them worth minus 1 point, which is the only way we will come out of this game with any honour” said a Queensland supporter.

Sources said that they did not hold much hope for the Queensland cause. “Canterbury tried to change the field goal rules after Terry Lambs brain explosion where, with seconds remaining on the clock and the Bulldogs 2 points done, Lamb popped a one pointer, but they were unsuccessful in that” said Oswald P Wrong, a lifelong supporter of the Bulldogs. “We gave Tezza some remedial arithmetic after that and he came right”.

Drop goals are worth 3 points in union and it is understood that those pushing for the merger of the two codes will argue for a compromise with drop goals being worth two points.

“Two little two late in my opinion” said Prong.

Broncos players we spoke to were far too busy crying about the loss to say much but down played the role of their brutal captain being suspended for last weeks attack on the head of an opponent. “He said he was sorry” said an unnamed source close to the coaching staff.

“I wish I hadn’t been pinged for my continued thuggery last week or I would have smashed Stacey Jones in the head like Brad Fittler did” Broncos captain Gordon Tallass said from the sideline. “On reflection I should have contained by mongrolicity until this weekend and then we wouldn’t be such big losers” he sobbed.

“Let this be a warning to others” he bawled, “follow Fittlers example and bash the snot out of Jones if you want to beat the sheep shaggers” he bubbled.

Meanwhile Kiwis spokespeople have apologised for the upset win. “We never meant to beat this mob,” said Karl R Kothanga, a long time Warriors fan. “We promise not to do it again if we are allowed to stay in the NRL” he chuckled.

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