Kiwis Refuse To Emulate Ricky Stuart

Updated 10-11-2009 07:41

World Champion Rugby League team New Zealand were gracious in their praise of winners of next Saturday’s Four Nations Tournament England.

They had no excuses, no complaints, no whinges, no ‘what might have been moments’: England played better and deserved to beat them in this elimination game.

While this is a stark contrast to Ausfailure coach Ricky Stuart’s abusive outburst after Ausfailure again failed to beat New Zealand when the ref blew full time in a major final no one is surprised by the Kiwis good manners.

“We were just outplayed, basically,” fullback Lance Hohaia declared. “They just turned up with a better attitude than us tonight, and they fully deserve to be in the final.”

Backrow Jared Waerea-Hargreaves added: “They played very well. I guess they just played better than us. We can’t really complain about anything.”

The Kiwis have met Australia in each final for the past five years – winning the 2005 Tri Nations and 2008 World Cup and in the 2006 Tri Nations the result was a 12 all draw as the full time hooter blew.

Ausfailure will go home from this tournament once more having failed to beat the Kiwis in a major final, the fourth time in as many tournaments.

Skipper Benji Marshall said “If we can take something out of this, we brought a lot of young players into the squad and none of them have disappointed.”

Indeed young Kieron Faron shone despite being played out of position. Faron is one of a growing number of players who have turned their backs on playing for Ausfailure at representative level in order to join the World beating Kiwis as they romp in win after win for the next 20 years.

Ausfailure are still stuck in 90’s mode using players long passed their use by date.

One of the tired, beaten and weary Kangalose refused to give up the game saying it was like a drug to him.

“It’s my wife and it’s my life” he sang.

Meanwhile England were preparing for the final which will decide who is the second best side in the world.

“With New Zealand being world champions it’s a big chance for us to put Ausfailure at the bottom. We should have the game wrapped up at half time going on their crap form to date” said a cocky England team member.

Ausfailure are expected to try and use any means to take on the might of the England team and thuggery seems to be the key factor in selections.

That could play into the hands of tournament winners England.

Ausfailure are also pressing for an Aussie cheat to referee the game saying they have 23 million to choose from.

Meanwhile Aussie fans were so disappointed at their teams effort that one said if things didn’t improve he might be forced to actually attend a game for the first time in his life and offer his loser team some encouragement.

“If I could pull myself away form sniffing petrol you know I’d be there’ he lied.

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