Ausfailure’s Kiwi Nightmares Continue

2 centuries ago England sent it’s criminals downunder, this week Ausfailure sent a boat load of them back to try and find a way to beat the fearsome New Zealand* World Champion Kiwi Rugby League.

In their latest effort the boys from Ausfailure did what they do best and failed. Again. New Zealand scored 4 tries to Ausfailure’s 3.

Rugby League is an 80 minute game and in 3 previous series Ausfailure has failed to beat New Zealand in the 80.

But give them credit for trying. And failing. Again.

Ausfailure did look good when one of their native sons stole the ball and snuck in a lucky try. Of course stealing is a way of life in Ausfailure so it’s not surprising to see them do this so often and with such expertise. When it comes to stealing Aussies are world champions.

Aussies were in tears at the latest humiliation. Again.

“New Zealand really rubbed in their world champion status again tonight” said the Ausfailure teams heroin supplier.

Other’s were not so surprised.

“I tipped Aus to lose by 50 again” said one fan who had never actually attended a game.

Proceeds from the game, which was played in front of a record crowd keen to see Ausfailure fail again, were donated to the World Women’s Refuge Organsiation.

Greg Inglis even wore a black eye to show his support for the cause. Inglis’s partner recently wore a similar one.

Punters who backed Ausfailure to win again both lost their money.


Ausfailure next have to take on England who beat them soundly in Sydney during the last Tri Nations Tournament.

Sources from England said the lowly ranked Poms were looking forward to giving Ausfailure another hiding.

*New Zealand is a small, sparsley populated group of islands in the Pacific ocean and current Rugby League World Champions.

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