Ausfailure’s Love Of Group Sex Under Attack

A Happy Marriage - Aus Style

A Happy Marriage - Aus Style

Four women interviewed by Four Corners allege they have been involved in group sex with players or been victims of sexual abuse. Details of one group sex session, involving Nine Network star Matthew Johns when he was playing with NRL club Cronulla in 2002, were revealed last week.

Four Corners reporter Sarah Ferguson said yesterday the program would look at other incidents involving rugby league players, some of which she alleged had been “swept under the carpet by unnamed senior officials”. “We start with the Manly star Brett Stewart, who is facing one charge of sexual assault and one count of indecent assault, and work back five years to an incident involving Matthew Johns and the entire Cronulla club at a Christchurch hotel,” she said.

The woman at the centre of the group sex allegations against Cronulla players and officials, who asked not to be named in the program, says she still needs medical help for psychological and emotional stress she suffered as a result of the incident. “Every time I looked up there were more and more people in the hotel room. There were lots of guys watching,” she tells Ferguson.

Johns, a star of Nine’s The Footy Show in Sydney, admitted last week he had participated in the group sex session.

It is not known what turns Australian males on by engaging in group sex with their team mates, and it is beyond this reporter’s experiance to offer what it is about putting your knob into a hole full of another blokes spent spunk that bars up the Aussie male. Similarly we wonder what enjoyment Australian males get from watching their team mates act in this degrading way.

Noted Australian deviant John Sheath said the practise was widespread and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

“I’ve got a mate we call Slippery Sam who comes around my house and socks it to my missus before I go in after. Sometimes we go in together and I can feel him giving it heaps. It’s awesome bro.” said Sheath

“Group sex is fine, so long as it doesn’t happen on the field, then it’s too much like rugby” said another supporter of Australia’s male sluts.

The NR-Hell was disturbed by the practise and felt it gave the game a bad image.

“The idea of our boys standing around is a circle having sex together is not the image we want to present publically. We we’re not the fuc#ing boy scouts for God’s sake.” said a spokesmoron.

Players wives are also upset by the revelations.

“Why are we missing out?” one hornbag wanted to know.

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