Wiki Beats The Odds

Pineapple House

Pineapple House

Rugby League fans from Ausfailure yesterday mourned the achievement of New Zealander Reuben Wiki in becoming the first New Zealander to play 300 first grade games in the NR-Hell.

Kiwis have always struggled to make 300 games because of the way they are shafted by the corrupt jokediciary which uses a racist system of justice to deny Kiwis a fair crack at playing their share of games.

Kiwis make up 30% of playing numbers in the NR-Hell yet comprise of over 85% of players punished by the jokediciary.

They also rank higher in statistics of players with drinking problems and drug abuse and unemployment.

An unnamed Kiwi said today from his NR-Hell prison cell ‘If you’re a Kiwi in this dump, you black twice’.

NR-Hell sources denied their system was racist against Kiwis.

“We’re not racist at all” said one high ranking overseer of systematic corruption in Aussie league. ‘Anyone that says that is a whinging black cu^t” he said.

Jokediciary sources also denied being racist against Kiwis.

“I’m certainly not racist against Kiwis, although I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry one” he said.

There are 400,000 Kiwis working in Ausfailure today, 4 times the number of Australians.

Oswald P Wrong, noted anthropologist for all things Australian said in a recent speech to the United Nations that Australia was a model of non racist society.

‘Ausfailure treats all immigrants in an appalling fashion equally’ Wrong said.

“Kiwis fare just as badly as anyone else who wasn’t born here” Wrong continued.

Several hundred thousand aboriginals disagreed.

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