International Soccer ringmasters Fifa have laughed off the tuggery of the Football Federation of Ausfailure after they tried to impose an on again off again ban on one of their thugs for smacking over a ref. Originally suspended from competing at the August 8-24 Games after being handed a 15-month suspension for striking referee Mark Shield at the conclusion of the 2007-08 A-League grand final, Vukovic made three appeals. These eventually saw the ban reduced to being applicable until June 24, and then again from all games between August 29 to October 5. However, FIFA determined that an interruption to the ban at an international level was contrary “to the spirit” of the sport’s regulations, and upgraded the ban to apply without interruption until October 5, with a further suspended period lasting until January 25, 2009.

Sports fans from Ausfailure were dismayed at the news and wondered how on earth they could win at anything if their cheating was over ruled by international bodies.

The judgment is not likely to affect Ausfailure’s ability to cheat at rugby league as the IRLB is suffering from a form of throat cancer that is reportedly linked to it’s close association with the AR-Hell.

In other news another Aussie thug has said he will whinge to the Court of Arbitration for Sport over his Bejing plans being sunk like Australia 2 at San Diego for bashing the snot out of a team mate.

Biffer Nick D’Arcy was given the arse for hammering his friend whilst off his bloody rocker on the turps. His defense is that getting drunk and hammering the sh!t out of people is a way of life in Ausfailure.

Aussie sports heads agreed, but reminded this reporter that Ausfailure isn’t a part of China yet.

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