Ausfailure Offers Advice On Losing For Kiwis

New Zealand Rugby League bosses have sought the advice of their counterparts from Ausfailure as the World Champion Rugby League team came to terms with the embarrassing loss to easybeats the Kangalose in an exhibition match played to promote the game in Wellington on the weekend.

Formerly known as the ANZAC Test the friendly match is designed to allow the Kiwis to try out combinations for more serious matches like series wins against Ausfailure.

After ditching triumphant coach Bluey MacLennon and appointing NZRL rugby league director and honorary Queenslander Graham Lowe’s old mate Gary Kemble the Kiwis are in a rebuilding phase at present.

They were soundly beaten in Wellington and put up no resistance to the Kangalose who haven’t played a credible match since October 2001.

The Aussies have their own problems as they try to explain how former captain Andrew Johns was able to take banned drugs for the last decade while supposedly not returning positive test results fueling speculation of yet another Granny-Gate style cover up campaign.

The Kiwis record loss to Ausfailure has been hard to cope with for many Kiwi fans and their predicament was made a little easier after sports fans from Ausfailure gave them some learned advise on coping with this kind of humiliation.

Ausfailure sports fans have watched their once glorious cricket team be beaten by all-comers, their rugby union team can’t buy a win even against England, they had high hopes for the Soccerlose in the World Cup only to find winning any matches an impossible task. Their record defeats to New Zealand in netball and hockey are well documented and we won’t even mention the time their unbeatable America’s Cup vessel snapped in half and sank at San Diego. Throw in the repeated hammering their rugby league team has been dished up by the all conquering Kiwis and it’s no surprise that Aussie sports fans can offer Kiwi fans some helpful hints on coping with loss.

Fans from Brisbane were quick to offer support to Kiwi fans. “Tell your coach to enter the airport through the back door and run away from reporters if cornered” said one Queenslander. “He’ll get the arse later, but FFS, he probably deserves it.” He concluded.

“Pretend the result is meaningless. We did that after the Tri Nations final in 2005” said a fan from Bummee NSW.

“Do you best to ensure you only have to face opponents with a referee from you own country – it kept us on top for years” said a fan from Snot Hill in the Blue Mountains.

A former captain of Ausfailure who asked not to be identified said “Don’t worry about it, just get loaded on Ecstasy and go out and party like it’s 1999” he said from his team mates bedroom.

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