Oswald P Wrong - World Champion Tipster

Oswald P Wrong - World Champion Tipster

Oswald P Wrong has been declared the champion tipster following his complete and utter annihilation of his opponents in the 2007 season NR-Hell competition.

To mark this achievement The Oswald P Wrong Official Fan Club released this special commemorative T-shirt for losers to wear.

T Shirts are only for sale to Aussies and thus are available in small men sizes only and cost $AU35.00 each. Orders can be secured by clicking on the secure link below.


Oswald entered the competition in order to prove how easy it was to beat Aussies on a level playing field, and trounced the opposition from round one.

By the end of the season Oswald was in unbeatable form as the rest of the pack vied for second place.

Oswald used a tried and proven method to win the competition, he used his brain. This gave him a distinct advantage over his Aussie opponents. He was able to correctly tip the result of an incredible 116 games.

Oswald’s official score is recorded below:

Points Winner Games Tipped Correctly
183 Oswald P Wrong (116)

The full list of losers follows:

Points Loser Games Tipped Correctly
170 [Tab] (113)
166 Nathan Dunn (109)
160 JC (113)
158 Wade Singleton (109)
157 Ian Stewart (111)
156 Qu0ll (106)
155 TabSportsbet (102)
151 Mango (111)

Oswald’s tipping prowess is legendary in Ausfailure.

Prior to the 2005 Gillette Tri Nations Series Oswald was the only one to declare that the Kiwis would win it, despite the Aussies stripping the Kiwis of key players as usual and insisting on an Aussie ref for all the games they played against the 5th string Kiwi side cobbled together by Rookie Coach Bluey Maclennan.

Watchers were stunned as Oswald’s tip came true, and thus the legend was born.

Oswald made the following humble victory speech today live via the Internet from his Waikaretu retreat.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and Andrew Johns, welcome to my award ceremony and thank you for coming.

I would especially like to thank the Aussies for coming and losing, again.

Firstly, I wish to thank Jeff the wandering Pom for running such an awesome competition, having a neutral referee is the basis of serious and fair international competitions like this one and in that regard the officials have done a fine job in providing a level playing field for us to thrash the Aussies on again.

Secondly I would like to congratulate myself for winning, I certainly deserve it and even though the opposition was weak and feeble it took several minutes a week to enter my tips.

Also I would like to thank the bookies for all the money, and there was a lot of it. Thanks guys.

You know, it was piece of cake winning this. All I had to do was enter and post my tips and watch as my lead soared ever higher. I didn’t even watch many of the games as the actual NR-Hell competition is pretty much a tragicomedy these days, infested with golden point wank-fests and referees who after 300 games still haven’t worked out how to do their job competently. The video refs have infuriated fans with their calls and make you wonder if they are watching the replays or simply tossing a coin to make the calls whilst watching the porn channel on their monitors. We have the spectacle of Adam MacDougall with his green card to take steroids and Andrew Johns with his green card to take anything his can shove down his gob.

The judiciary is simply a device used to bring the game into disrepute and nobble Kiwis prior to test matches.

As far as a serious sports competition goes the NR-Hell ranks a good distance behind professional wrestling.

All of this should make tipping the results harder one would think. But having a realistic grip on how stupidly the game is run actually makes it easier to correctly tip the outcomes of games, as I have proven week in week out this season.

With the tipping competition decided we now enter the finals, which are a concessionary event to give the losers a second chance to nobble the winner. Me. My initial call was to pull out of the competition at this stage in order to give the losers a chance to win something but due to massive public pressure from my millions of adoring fans I was forced into entering the finals.

I wish all of the losers the best of luck in this and promise not to try too hard to win it.

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