Ausfailure Adopts New Flag Following Second Tri Nations Humiliation

Ausfailure Adopts New Flag

Ausfailure Adopts New Flag

Ausfailure today announced that it was adopting a new flag in recognition of it’s sporting woes over the last 2 years. The flag fittingly replaces all the stars with asterisks on the current flag.

Humilitated by New Zealand in 2005 in the Tri Nations final where Willy Mason and the boys limped off the field with a flattering score of zero and beaten this year at home by Great Britain league fans from Ausfailure are now having to try and get some comfort by only managing to draw agaisnt the Kiwis in this years final.

A draw was never going to be good enough to give the long suffering sports fans of Ausfailure the convincing win they needed to erase the pain they felt when the Kiwis thrashed them in Sydney, then again in the final.

The Kiwis scored twice in the match while all Ausfailure could manage was one try and a few rugby union type kicks between the posts.

*At the conclusion of the 80 minutes the Kiwis allowed Ausfailure to play for a Golden Point to give Ausfailure the consession.

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