Warriors Leap Into Favoritism For NRL Premiership

New Warriors Signing

New Warriors Signing

Leading bookmakers today shifted their odds on lowly ranked cellar dwellers the New Zealand Warriors following their press conference this morning in Auckland.

Most now had the Warriors at 1/1 to take out the premiership making them unbackable favorites to win everything relentlessly.

The markets were realigned following the shock announcement of a new signing to the hapless Kiwi team.

Warriors sources confirmed that they had signed a deal with ‘an unnamed current match official’ to play for the team this season.

Australian whingers citing the anti tampering rules have been asked “Did the Canterbury Bulldogs tell you to say that?”.

Sources close to a source revealed that the Warriors have decided to fight fire with water and have been looking to sign match officials since Ali-Gate where it was revealed that it was OK for match officials to conspire against teams as long as they turned off their microphones.

It is understood the new signing will have a non-playing role with the club – “He’ll be on the field though” said a spokesperson.

The official is understood to have signed the lucrative deal after yesterday training with the team.

Former Queensland tough guy Gordon O’Tallis apologetically refused to comment other than to say he was ‘sorry’.

Australian fans are not happy about the tactic and are calling it a low blow.

“This makes up for the underarm” pleaded Jimbob N O’Really, a former cricket fan from Bummee NSW.com

Kiwi fans were not so whingeful.

“I’ll bet it would be different if he was signed by Lebanon’ said Oswald P Wrong, a NZ Warriors fan, “It’s always different when it’s one of your own”, he guffawed.

NRL heads were today remaining tight lipped suggesting that while they were saying nothing it did not exclude that there was nothing to say fueling speculation of yet another ACB cover up.

Match Official Head Banana Cheetah Lewis scratched his armpit and said ‘ooo, ooo, ooo. Arrrrr, arrrrr, arrrrr, Eeeee, eeeee, eeeee’ before being led back to his cage.

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