Ausfailure Whinge Again

As Ausfailure struggles to come to terms with the fact that they are pretty much crap at everything these days Aussies are leading the charge in blaming everyone but themselves for their crap performances. Even those who have buggered off from Loser Central to hide from the humiliating defeats still find their natural talent for whinging their guts out when they lose and blaming all and sundry for their shortcomings.

In a typically Ockeristic display of bad sportsmanship Aussie in exile Harry Kewell berated the referee who draw the short straw to officiate in this mornings boring mismatch between world number 1 soccer champions Brazil and johnny come latelys Ausfailure.

Ausfailure are ranked 42 in the world in Soccer, just 1 placing ahead of Malawi.

Whilst no one actually expected Ausfailure to make any kind of impression on the Brazilians it has to be said that they were not disappointed as Ausfailure spent 80 minutes without scoring even a single goal.

That said the scoreline still flattered the penile colony.

The dismal effort by the Soccerlose didn’t stop Ausfailure’s Harry Kewell from targeting the ref at full time and whinging his guts out for a couple of hours.

Kewell’s frustrations reached boiling point when he launched a verbal tirade against the referee after Australia’s 2-0 World Cup Group F loss to Brazil today (AEST).

He was seething as he strode purposefully towards German referee Markus Merk and started mouthing off and pointing his finger at him.

Kewell confessed to the outburst later and could face disciplinary action from FIFA, but said it was a “heat of the moment thing”.

“I think the referee takes that into consideration,” said Kewell.

“You’re frustrated, you’re losing the game, every referee puts up with it.

“I mean, it’s part and parcel of the game.

“He knows there’s no harm meant by it.

“You go out there and play so well against the world champions and you come off losing, whereas you think you should have come off with something.

“He understands that; that’s the way it is. ”

And that’s certainly true to a point.

Most people accept that when Ausfailure loses yet again they will blame the ref and threaten him.

Certainly we have seen many times in recent years when the appalling efforts of Ausfailure on the sports field have resulted in yet another dicking their once proud and noble sports hero’s show their true colours and disgrace themselves with whinging relentlessly about being so crap.

Personally I think it’s quite acceptable and referees should by now accept that if they are going into a match involving Ausfailure the Aussies will be true to form and will no doubt lose again and of course they’ll blame the ref as they always do.

It’s part of the culture.

Like cheating with drugs.

No one can expect Ausfailure not to cheat or whinge if they cop one up the clacker so what the hell is all the fuss about.

Ausfailure crapped out and they blamed the ref.


Where’s the story in that?

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