Ausfailure Humiliation Addiction Continues

As the sad and sorry brokenhearted people of Ausfailure struggle to come to terms with their new found status as the World’s Easybeats at Sport another humiliation has fallen upon them.

Yesterday they actually lost a game of cricket to New Zealand.

Yes, New Zealand, a country that struggles to get 11 people to play the game, let alone play it well enough to beat anyone.

But we are talking about Ausfailure here, a country that has perfected the art of losing to such an extent that some experts feel that Ausfailure is now addicted to dickings.

New Zealand last one a cricket match in 1941 when they played Paraguy and beat them by one run. The score was Paraguy 1 New Zealand 2.

New Zealand sports fans were not surprised or excited by the win.

“We beat Ausfailure did we?” said Justin Loosley, a dental nurse from Waipukurau. “No suprises there, we beat them at everything these days” he scoffed.

It did not seem to matter to New Zealanders that the win broke world records, but as sports watchers around the globe witness the losses racked up against Ausfailure these days most realise it will not be long before some other dead beats thrash Ausfailure in similar style and set new records.

Meanwhile in Sydney, the home of some of Ausfailure’s crickets greatest losers fans went wild and rioted.

Police joined in and targeted many immigrants.

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