Kiwis Humiliate Ausfailure In Tri Nations, Again



As expected the Kiwi Rugby League team humliated the Kangalose from Ausfailure in the Tri Nations final on Sunday morning dicking the former world champions 24 to nothing.

Yes, that what I said 24 to nothing.

Ausfailure was unable score any points against NZ and most sports journalists agree that the effort flattered Ausfailure.

The thrashing comes at a time when Ausfailure is losing at pretty much everything. The Wallabies one game winning streak ended when Wales (yes Wales) thrashed them 24 – 22 on the weekend.

Most fans from Ausfailure rightly humiliated by the result and have whinged incessantly about the loss since the start of the second half.

New Zealand league fans were more philosophical.

“I can’t think why the Ausfailure fans are so gutted by their sh!thouse excuse for a league team” said Karl R Kothanga. “Rugby league is all about tradition and these days it’s an Aussie tradition to lose at sport”

“It’s not the end of the world, they are still in the Soccer World Cup and if they win that I’m sure it will make a lot of people think that maybe Ausfailure isn’t a country that has perfected the art of losing” he said.

The Kiwis were clinical in demolishing the Ausfailure team. From within seconds of the game starting they scored try after try and the only Ausfailure response was to sob and whinge.

Oswald P Wrong, a leading authority on the mediockeracy of Ausfailure sports teams was not suprised by the dicking dished up to the Kangalose.

“You must remember that the Kiwis are an awesome football team and we are only average, at best” he pondered.

“We have had it easy up to now with the judiciary suspending key Kiwi players before tests and we’ve also had the help from Aussie refs to give us the help we”ve always needed to beat NZ, but without these to help us beating the Kiwis is always an uphill task” Wrong said.

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